text works:

> 'S./The Bearer of STATE' full-scale novel (US English), 480 pages (more or less) - all published here online, starting with the synopsis 2012 & going

> 'JJ - Inside Job' (Dutch) review on the 'Inside Job' project by Jeroen Jongeleen, published in 'The Week-and' Sept 2010

> 'MOA-STAR!' (English) text for Club Donny (unedited journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment), edited by Mike Ritchie March 2010

> 'fragments of the white visions' 2006 / 'fragmenten van de visioenen van wit' 2006 (NL):
excerpts from 'S./STATE', edited spoken version in the solo 'Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions' 2006

> 'IN/DIFFERENCE' (English) one-liner coined in 2001, positioned 2006

> 'OPLOSRAAK' 2005 (Nederlands) text in the booklet and on one of the A0 posters in 'Uitzicht met Zandkorrel' exhibition at LUMC Leiden NL,
based on a translation of one of the 'Enka textimprovisations' 1999. Dutch text work for the catalog, in collaboration with Kees Maas: 'Grenzen' 2005

> 'tangle' 2004 (English/Nederlands)

> 'jij en ik (duet for you and me)' 2002 (Nederlands)
text work commissioned by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen for the publication 'Talking to you! (art for you(th))'

> 'xstense' 2001 (e-mail text piece mailed anonymously to x people, addressing you-inside-of-me)

> 'Kanji of body and self' 1999-2009 English text-impro on stop-motion video, about 13 minutes, presented in Kappalai exhibition > CV

> 'ENKA text improvisations' 1999 (English)
video piece; text improvs made while watching sentimental love songs ("Enka")
on Japanese TV, making my own interpretation/love song in voice-over

> 'VER- 30 manieren om je geliefde te ontmoeten of mis te lopen' 1999 (Nederlands)
('VER- 30 ways to meet or miss your lover': banner for the solo 'I+I=H', Nederlands Textielmuseum Tilburg, 1999)

> 'in solitude' 1999 (English)
(audio piece; spoken text incorporating various fragments of songtexts)

> 'bidonville' 1997 (English)
(part of this text used as basis for the animation 'confusion', 1998) > list: animations

> 'fickle thought' 1997 (English)

> 'inner space' 1996 (Nederlands/English)
(text presented together with the porcelain 'inner space' in the exhibition 'NL', Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 1998) > CV

> 'Handelingen I, II en III' 1995 (Nederlands)
(basis for the video of this title for Binnenruimten, 1995) > collaborations

> 'verstrengelden' 1995 (Nederlands)
(text published in the folder designed by me, accompanying my solo 'verstrengelden', Helmonds Gemeentemuseum Helmond NL,1995) > Cv_

> 'hier lig ik' 1994 (Nederlands)
(also published in the catalogue 'Six Projects', Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, 1994) > published work

> 'plaats' 1993 (Nederlands)
(in the publication on the notion of plaats/place "Plaats (a desire for a powerful perception of presence)" 1993, Hooghuis Arnhem)

> 'soliciting' 1990 (English)
(text embroidered on back-piece of blouse, published also in the graduation catalogue of the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (now Willem de Kooning Academy) Rotterdam 1990)

texts on my work or positioning my thoughts on art:

> 'Geen geld, geen kunst' (Nederlands) text on the role-model of the artist as entrepeneur, published January 2009 in the Fucking Good Art #21

> reflection on art, for the book 'Eenenveertig brieven aan de jonge kunstenaar' (Forty-one Letters To The Young Artist), published 2007 (Nederlands/English)

> 'Oasisme', NL column in artists' information magazine BK-informatie, december 2006

> 'Beeld als object, als huls, als ervaring', 2004 / 2005 (Nederlands and English)
in Sculptuurschrift, text describing the development of my work in relation to my views on 'sculpture', written version fo my lecture in Museum Beelden aan Zee, spring 2004

> BREED concept (NL only): positioning art in a wide (breed) angle 2003

> 'ik besta daar waar jij mij aanraakt' 2000 (Nederlands)
tekst over mijn eigen werk in het tijdschrift Kastalia / Dutch text about my own work in the magazine Kastalia

> 'welkom/welcome...' (Nederlands / English) 1997
introduction text in the publication 'Inlet (such stuff as thoughts are made of)', published by Artimo Amsterdam 1997