my name is
Karin Arink
("… i’m a bitch i’m a lover i’m a sister i’m a daughter i’m an artist i’m a mother…")
i was born in 1967 in Delft NL
and grew up in Boston USA, Son NL and Maarheeze NL,
and have temporarily lived in London UK, Frankfurt a/Main D and Kitakyushu J
from 1986 i live and work in Rotterdam NL

in 1990 i graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam
in sculpture and multi media.
there i met my husband Arthur Clemens
with whom i have two children: Miha (2001) and Jin (2003).
from 1990-1992 i was participant at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam
when i won the First Prize Prix de Rome Sculpture 1992
from then on i’ve had an active career in the arts
resulting in exhibitions in NL and abroad
among them shows in the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (‘NL’, 1998)
Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam (‘Exorcism, Estetic terrorism’ 2000), De Pont 2006, Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen, Club Solo 2016, ‘Mirrors of Time’ 2020, …
at first in gallery Tanya Rumpff and from 2014 in gallery RAM Rotterdam.

my work is content-based
always centered around a manifesting different ‘states of self
in which physical / mental / emotional / social states interact, overlap, contradict each other
this results in works in a wide variety of media, like cut photos,
modelled, cut and stichted sculptures,
drawings and spatial cuts of textile and adhesive foil,
animations and text works
always, an affect-rich experience of the body and self are central

from 1993 i have been collaborating quite intensively,
making small scale experimental dance/theatre
and from 1995 as member of Stichting B.a.d (Foundation B.a.d),
on projects on exchange and hospitality,
resulting in exhibitions in London (RCA Galleries 2000), Seoul (Samsung Museum, 2001)
and Tokyo (TOCAG, 2001) - and later with ao Renée Kool
> cv collaborations

from 1997 i’ve been an avid art educator
first as guest professor and final exams committee member at various academies in NL
like the HKU, Rietveld, Aki Enschede, Akademie Den Bosch and KABK
in 1998-1999 i lived in Kitakyushu Japan, attending CCA KItakyushu with a grant from the (now called) Mondriaan foundation
from 1999-2005 i taught conceptual development (‘idee-ontwikkeling’) and
from 2005-2011 i was a “StudieLoopbaanCoach” (coaching learning and working processes / job coach)
and from 2012 i am course leader of the departments BA Photography and BA deFine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam NL
> cv edu

in 2016 i graduated from the Master Education in Arts at Piet Zwart institute Rotterdam with ao the Aspects Cards reading 2015-onwards

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