‘states of self’ is a term coined by me for the ever-changing interactions between one’s own body and ideas about how you should manifest yourself through postures, clothing, language, and signs.
both body and self are complex and in ongoing flux.

using the biopsychosocial model by George Engel (1977), I could (looking back) recognize the different aspect (or aspetcs) that each work was addressing. This led to strcuturing this website into these ‘states of self’:
tissues & elements / body mapping / in solitude / carrier / body signs / face facade / you&me / mumbag / influence /

Karin Arink - States of Self’ was my solo in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam NL 2008,
consisting of 3 rooms each with a different title and a selection of works (from all years) related to that ‘state of self’:
Zaal 1. Seduction / De eerste blik - Zaal 4. Infiltration / Verstrengeling - Zaal 5. In solitude / De binnenruimte

accompanying this retrospective was my book ‘Karin Arink - States of Self
design by artist and friend Bibo, this book was also structured using Engel’s biopsychosocial structure
into the chapters:
tissues and elements / carrier / body as sign / face façade / you & me / mumbag / influence

both book and exhibition were made with thanks to the Fonds BKVB (now Mondriaanfonds Amsterdam), Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem, and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

other solos: ‘Manifold Mumbag’ 2006 (satin) / ‘All attitudes, …’ in Galerie RAM Rotterdam 2014 / in Club Solo 2016 /