‘GreenDress’ 2019-2021
different textiles, wooden pole, 220 x 75 x 3 cm
the starting point was one of the textile pieces Julie Muller and me made in collaboration for our project ‘AAN’ presented in Borgerstraat Open Studios during Art Rotterdam Februari 2020.
Julie and me were working from our left-over textiles, in Dutch ‘lappenkast’ materials:
partially left-overs from both of our works, partially textiles that belonged to our mothers and had become redundant

related work: ‘CutDressCutPhoto (green)’ 1999 (cut photo) / ‘roseclotH’ 2004 (textile) / ‘stofdoekencarroussel’ 2005 (textile) / ‘TijgerVrouw)’ 2008 (textile, wood) / ‘Y-tree’ 2010 (textile) / ‘Bazar des Façades’ in Club Solo 2016 / ‘AAN balance together’ 2021 /