‘roseclotH’ 2004
cut and sewn cotton with metal hanger
about 2m30 x 1m40 x 0m05 cm
here at the exhibition ‘(DIS)CONNECTIES, Nederlandse beeldhouwkunst’, Galerie Witteveen Amsterdam 2012

related works: ‘X-pose (your self to me’ 2001, ‘X-pand’ 2002 (textile) / ‘stofdoekencarroussel’ 2005 / ‘Mother Of A Daughter’ 2013 / ‘GreenDress’ 2021 / ‘AAN balance together" 2021 /

other work exhibited like ‘roseclotH’ in Territoria 2005, in the Cartaia in Val di Bisenzio Italy: ‘tangle (for Peyron)’ 2005 (installation)