‘modellen van het onbewoordde’ (models of the un-worded) 2008-ongoing series
cut balsa wood, each element max. 8 x 8 cm thick and lengths varying between 25-105 cm
here hanging in Castle d’Aspremont-Lynden in Oud-Rekem B, 2010
in the exhibition ‘Lucht is tastbaarder dan mijn gedachte’ (Air is more tangible than my thought) curated by Annemie van Laethem and Eric Roux

some of these ‘Modellen’ have also been exhibited in Anningahof Zwolle 2013
one of the broken ‘Modellen’ was used in ‘VerteerWezen 16 (white shield)’ 2022-2023

other work in this exhibition: ‘CirkelVrouw’ 2009 / ‘reikende’ 1997 (plaster) / ‘WAT IS TUSSEN ONS’ 2009 (bed satin) / ‘reste’ 1994 (clay) /

other tissues & elements works: on&on&on&on' 1996 (porcelain) / ‘omloop’ 1997 (silk) / ‘twine’ 1998 (wood) / ‘fragmented body double’ 2014 (textile) /

other small works: ‘orante’ 1995 (wood) / ‘melt’ 1998 / ‘multiple arms’ 2016 (lasercut skai arm-sized sewn multiple) /