‘reste at home’ photo 1994 of ‘reste’ 1994
fired clay ± 95x75x45 cm

made at about the same time as ‘pude’ (in clay)
at the European Ceramic Workcentre Sundaymorning@EKWC NL where this photo was taken

exhibited a.o. in ‘Lucht is tasbaarder dan mijn gedachte’ 2010 Castle d’Asprémont-Lynden, B (curated by Annemie van Laethem and Eric Roux) see > ‘Wat Is Tussen Ons’ together with ‘pude’ 1994
with the same title: ‘pude’ 1994 (satin and wire)

related carrier work: ‘my neck my back curve silently’ 1993 / ‘orante’ 1995 (wood) / ‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ 2011 / ‘VerteerWezen 4 (lying greens)’ 2018 (papier mache) /