‘He Who Travels / Traverse’ 2011
collaborative project initiated by artist and choreograoher Piet Rogie
in GEMAK The Hague and later in Lantaren Rotterdam
with dancers, musicians, and artists a.o. Leopold Emmen (Daan Emmen and Nanouk Leopold)
with several works in varying states of development,
and dancers / actors / singers moving through/on/in them:

pieces on show : ‘between’ 2002 / ‘Kutschatje 2006 (textile) / ‘navel’ as worn in the photo work ‘navel in the mirror’ 1998-2000 / ‘infante bleue’ (cut dress) 2009 /
EntwinedFamily’ 2006 (cut vinyl) / ‘as yet untitled (hanging porcelain fragments)’ 2011-2012 /
other collab works: ‘Stories To Tell Each Other’ 2010 / Instruction.Sculptor.Sculpture 2011 /