‘EntwinedFamily’ 2007
cut floor vinyl, about 4m00 x 1m80 cm
4 bodies in different ways of touching, pushing, and pulling
one of the ‘claiming space’ series of cut drawings on floor/wall/window..
also exhibited at Diddendorp: (2006)

and in the project ‘He Who Travels/Traverse’ with Piet Rogie and Leopold Emmen (a.o.) 2011

related claiming space works: ‘binding (lock)’ 2005 (cut vinyl) / ‘CirkelVrouw in CirkelVeld’ 2009-2011 / ‘FeltFeld’ 2013

other mumbag works: / ‘claw - i exist there where you touch me’ (drawing) 2003 / ‘claiming space (for feeding you)’ 2001 (cut foil) / ‘Inlet Woman’ 2003 (cut&sewn photo) / ‘push (me open)’ 2002 (drawing) /