‘between you & me’ 2002
cut transparant foil, on the right the first version (non-adhesive) and left version (adhesive)
made as part of the project ‘I (X-pose), II (you&me), III (MUMBAG!)’ in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 2002:
part II being the second ‘between’ stuck on the window of one of the stair cases:

presented along with part I (X-pose) > ‘X-pose (yourself to me)’ 2001 (textile piece) and part III (MUMBAG! ) > ‘expand! mumbag’ 2001-2002 (projected animation)

other tweeen you&me pieces: ‘IN/DIFFERENCE’ 2001-2006 (text) / ‘jij en ik (duet for you and me)’ 2000 (text) / ‘kiss’ 2000-2008 (animation) /

other ‘claiming space’ pieces: ‘PoortVrouw’ 2002 (vinyl) / ‘Binding’ 2005 / ‘FeltFeld’ 2013 /