‘J M O I U J - tekens tussen jou en mij’ 2005
interactive video installation, textile sculpture, my cards collection
project for the exhibition ‘Magazijn van de Verbeelding - Kind en Kunst V’ in Museum CODA Apeldoorn, 2005
asked to share my source of inspiration, I choose my collections of cards, advertisements: all images of body postures conveying meanings,
a selection of postures and gestures across centuries that have an emotional impact..
after showing these cards, I did a workshop with kids (age 8-10 y) to ask them for their postures.
then, I edited photo and video material of this workshop with related postures, both from my collection and animated ones… here is a still :

and here in one of the animations made ‘gebaar (voor CODA)’ 2005

these videos could be accessed in the exhibition by clicking one of the icons of postures -
interactive work realised by Arthur Clemens -
in the exhibition, various workshops were held, as seen in the image above and in the videos

other sign system works: ‘in stilte geknoopt’ 1991 (textile) / ‘H-dress’ 2001 (textile) / ‘X-pose (your self to me)’ 2001 (textile) /

other educational projects : ‘Platland - Nieuw Charlois’ 2002 (educational project) / ‘X-pose (your self to me)‘2001 (textile) / ‘In a Manner of Speaking - First Language presentations’ 2014 /