‘gebaar’ 2005
one of the animations, part of the 2005 project ‘J M O I U J - tekens tussen jou en mij’ made for CODA Museum Apeldoorn
asked to share my source of inspiration, I choose my collections of cards, advertisements: all images of body postures conveying meanings,
a selection of postures and gestures across centuries that have an emotional impact..
after showing these cards, I did a workshop with kids (age 8-10 y) to ask them for their postures.
then, I edited photo and video material of this workshop with related postures, both from my collection and animated ones…

these videos could be accessed in the exhibition by clicking one of the icons of postures -
interactive work realised by Arthur Clemens -
in the exhibition, various workshops were held, as seen in the image above and in the videos

some ‘Bump!animations: ‘wooo!’ 1998 / ‘Oh!’ 1999 / ‘loops’ 2000 /

other bodymapping works: ‘plaats’ 1993 (text) / ‘claw- i exist there where you touch me’ 2002 (drawing) /