body postures functioning as signs designating states of being,
non-individual feelings of ‘me’
used in many ways in art, advertising, non-verbal communication… every day by you and me…

all tied up > in stilte geknoopt
arms locked > AAN-balance together
reaching up >
wearing H-dress
legs apart >
arms opened, legs closed >
body stretched open >
X-pose (your self to me)
star stretch >
Little Star
On How To Star
closed circuit > circuit
back to back > zusjes
first touch > H animation
entwined > EntwinedFamily
all tangled up > tangled

This body postures as sign system was researched and used for a workshop and interactive video installation for the project ‘J M O I U J - tekens tussen jou en mij’ (Y M O E U - signs between you and me) project in Museum CODA in Apeldoorn, 2005.