‘stofdoekencarroussel’ 2005
carroussel of cut and sewn cotton dusters
about 2m60 x 1m90 x 1m20 cm
hanging above you on washing lines strung across my exhibition space
here in Z33 in Hasselt B, in the show ‘Over de mensen en de dingen’ (‘On people and things’)
curated by Koos Flinterman and Jan Boele

other work in the same show: ‘MADRAS’ 2004 (stuffed skai and textile)

related work: ‘rosecloth’ 2005 (cotton) / ‘The Blind Leading The Blind’ 2005 (project) / roseclotH' 2005 (textile) / ‘Bazar des Façades‘in Club Solo 2016 (photo work) / ‘GreenDress & GreenDressFun’ 2019-2023 /

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