‘behind skins and stones’ 2019
of me behind ‘VerteerWezen 9 (skins and stones)’ 2019
first exhibited in VerteerWezens in BIG ART Zaanstad, 2019

VerteerWezens is an ongoing series of spatial objects in papier-mâché, started in 2017. The title can be roughly translated as ‘digested-beings’. In each work, a rejected object or utensil is combined with aluminium modelling mesh, cardboard and/or other materials. This is covered with a layer of papier maché made from shredded left-over or waste paper. In this way, used materials are “digested” by turning them into creatures/beings.
By photographing myself behind/with these sculptures, the relation between the affect-rich object and my concrete physical body becomes clear.
The series of VerteerWezens is still growing, and so are the related photo works.

all VerteerWezen photo works: ‘DenkRaum’ 2018 / ‘behind skins and stones’ 2019 / ‘behind red arms’ 2019 / ‘behind shredded lilac’ 2019 /

related work: ‘un cache cache vain’ 1995 / ‘CutDressCutPhoto (Purple)’ 2000 (cut photo) / ‘Hiding behind Milk’ 2002 / ‘wearing H-dress to wooo you’ 2001 / ‘Bazar des Facades’ as exhibited in Club Solo 2016