‘open up’ 2003
closed form exiting through the opening
giving birth to itself
self-hardening clay about 18 x 16 cm
later part of ‘husks for thought’ 2008-ongoing, ao exhibited during ‘Karin Arink - States of Self’ 2008 and in ‘Gültigkeitsdauer’ in Foundation B.a.d

‘open up’ 2021
reworked using papier maché of carboard and magazine materials (photos of skin) and matte mod podge

form of ‘VerteerWezens’ works.
VerteerWezens is an ongoing series of spatial objects in papier-mâché, started in 2017. The title can be roughly translated as ‘digested-beings’. In each work, a rejected object or utensil is combined with aluminium modelling mesh, cardboard and/or other materials. This is covered with a layer of papier maché made from shredded papers, magazines, waste paper. In this way used materials are “digested” by turning them into creatures/beings.
By photographing myself behind/with these sculptures, the relation between the affect-rich object and my concrete physical body becomes clear.
The series of VerteerWezens is ongoing, and so are the related photo works.

related (carrier) works: ‘my neck my back curve silently’ 1993 / ‘w/hole’ 2002 (cut skai) / > ‘push me open’ (drawing) 2002 / ‘expand (mumbag!)’ 2001 (animation) / ‘husks for thought’ 2008- / ‘touch - open up’ 2015 (flag) / ‘VerteerWezens in Mirrors of Time’ 2017-2020 /

other small works: ‘orante (model) 1995 (linden wood) / ‘modellen van het Onbewoordde’ 2008-2011 (balsa wood) / ‘HandHeld’ 2017 (cut A4 scan) /