'arching' and 'infante' 1994
porcelain, 2 seperate sculptures, each ± 80 x 50 cm,
'arching higher' (about 45 cm) and 'infante' about 25 cm
my first porcelain pieces ever, made in EKWC now Sundaymorning @ ekwc
both now in the collection Lampe Plompen The Hague
here in the EKWC, later exhibited in a.o. my duo with Annemarie Nibbering in Galerie Tanya Rumpff 1994

related works: 'infante bleue' 2009 (textile) / 'zusjes' 1994 (clay) / 'tweeen' 1996 (clay) / 'Petrified Nike' 2011 (porcelain) /