‘wringing’ 1994
clay, covered with a layer of terra sigilata, about 190 x 55 x x40 cm
made in the European Ceramic Workcentre, then in Den Bosch
now in the Stadscollectie Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam

‘wringing’ positioned: ‘wringing at home’ 1994-1997

other work in the Stadscollectie Boijmans van Beuningen: ‘nachtmare’ 1991 / ‘pude’ 1994 (textile) / ‘CutDressCutPhoto (purple)’ 2000 (cut photo) / selection of drawings /

other carrier work: ‘blindfold’ 1992 (clay) / ‘my neck my back curve silently’ 1993 (clay) / ‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ 2011 (clay) / ‘Verteerwezen 4 (lying greens)’ 2018 (papier mach√©, mesh, small stool) /