‘Fig. 2 - Twist in my sobriety ' 2011
clay (biscuit fired) with a layer of unfired terra sigilata
about 94 x 59 x 50 cm
lying figure twisting, hiding, partially undone

the title is derived from the title of the song by Tanita Tikaram, ‘Twist in My Sobriety’ 1988

made in Sundaymorning@EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre) in 2011
here in ‘(DIS)CONNECTIES’ contemporary Dutch sculpture, Galerie Witteveen Amsterdam 2012

‘Fig. 2 - Twist in my sobriety ' 2011 here as one of the works exhibited in my solo ‘Hollow Grounds’ 2024 in Museum Beelden aan Zee Scheveningen - the title of that solo was derived from the same song

related carrier works: ‘balling’ 1992 (ceramic) / ‘wringing’ 1994 (clay with terra sigilata) / ‘hangende’ 1995 (cotton) / ‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ 2011 (ceramic) / ‘untitled Fig. 1 (knielende)’ 2011 (clay with terra sigilata) / ‘VerteerWezen 3 (reclining black)’ 2017 (papier mache) /