‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ 2011
hand-mixed fired clay, 200 x 60 x 60 cm
here in the studio where it was made, in the European Ceramic Workcentre Sundaymorning@ekwc,
with in the background ‘paar |-|’ 2011
my first vertical ceramic piece,
piling limbs upon body parts in hand-mixed black, white and red chamotte clay - vessel
made with support from the Materiaalfonds, Fonds BKVB Amsterdam and O&O subsidies Rotterdam

here detail of the work while exhibited in the Alte Halle of the Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen, in the duo exhibition Kleider machenKunst 2011 with Reinhold Engberding. In the back, one of Marks' works.

‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ was also the center piece in my solo All attitudes, all shapeliness, all belongings 2014

and is now in the collection of Rijksmuseum Twenthe, where it is on show in the collection presentation ‘ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS’ 2018-2023

other ceramic work: ‘blindfold’ 1992 / ‘my neck my back curve silently’ 1993 / ‘wringing’ 1994 / ‘pude’ 1994 / ‘reste’ 1994 / ‘paar (2)’ 2011 / ‘Little Star’ 2011-2014 /

other exhibitions: Kleider machenKunst 2011 / All attitudes, all shapeliness, all belongings 2014 / ‘ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS’ 2018-2021 /