‘server serving’ 2004-2016
installation - this photo by F-werk
with ‘server’ 2005 - stuffed textile with wooden frame, about 2m30 x 2m00 x 0m65 cm
and a slideshow of photos how it was used during my 2005 solo ‘Bazar des Facades’ at Art Brussels 2005
by different visitors and by me and my Special Guests, each representing a part of my artistic life
and invited to join me for one day at the Art Brussels fair, providing space for you

leading first to the photo work ‘server serving’ 2005:

and later, as way more photos of people on ‘server’ are interesting,
i created this slide show-as-work ‘server serving’ 2005-2016 shown in Club Solo 2016:

some of the slides:

photo by Renée Kool (one of the Special Guests)

photo by me
‘server’ was used a lot during the Art Brussels 2005, by many different people

photo of me by Liorah Hoek (one of the Special Guests)
i am wearing the costume backwards
that i made for our duet ‘Oefening in Hardheid’ 1994
Liorah and me both were wearing these costumes backwards while walking over the Art Brussels 2005

related mumbag works: ‘MADRAS’ 2004 (stuffed textile and skai) and you inside of me' 2005 (floorpiece) /