‘Oefening in Hardheid’ 1994
dance/text duet in collaboration with with artist, writer and friend Liorah Hoek
concept based on ‘Het Dikke Schrift’ (Le Grand Cahier) by Agotha Kristof, a book about twins who describe their ways of adapting to the horrors of WWII
for which i designed the costumes (in collaboration with Jacqueline Rensen)

the costumes were later used by Liorah and me during my solo ‘Bazar des Facades solo’ 2005 in Art Brussels B

other dance and or collab projects: ‘Bazar des Facades’ 2005 / ‘Stories To Tell Each Other’ 2010 / ‘He Who Travels / Traverse’ 2011 / ‘Instruction.Sculptor.Sculpture’ 2011 /

other carrier works: ‘my neck my back curve silently’ 1993 (clay) / ‘untitled (bruinroze)’ 1995 (drawing) / ‘2 pieces for Infections’ 1995 (plaster) / ‘untitled (knielende)’ 2011 (clay) / ‘VerteerWezen 6 (cowering in suitcase)’ 2020 (papier mach√©) /