‘red felt’ 2004
cut felt about 0m45 x 0m60
made for the cupboard in Lisa Couwenberg’s exhibition ‘Wunderkammer - De verzameling’ 2004
here on the floor
and back ‘home’ in my studio

related work: ‘w/hole’ 2002 (skai) / ‘geraakte’ (cut iridescent paper, shown and sold at Tanya Rumpff, ArtRotterdam)

other small works: ‘orante (model) 1995 (linden wood) / ‘modellen van het Onbewoordde’ 2008-2011 (balsa wood) / ‘open up!’ 2003-2021 (paper clay, papier mach√©) / ‘HandHeld’ 2017 (cut A4 scan) /