‘HandHeld’ 2017-2021
series of 6 hand-cut multiples
cut prints of scans of my moving arms; each about 30 x 20 cm
made for RAM galerie Rotterdam for the ArtRotterdam 2017

continued in 2021 for my first ever online solo ‘but Arm in Arm with Touch’ on GalleryViewer via RAM Galerie (external link)

and exhibited in ‘Our Curated Self’ 2023 like this (thanks to Pleuntje Bonkers):

related work: ‘geraakte’ 2010 (cut iridescent paper) / ‘touch-open up’ 2015 (flag) / ‘PuzzelVrouwenSpel (Dubbel)’ 2021 (installation with cut photos and projection) /

other small works: ‘Glitter Cut series’ 2015 (cut-outs, for solo at RAM Galerie, Art Rotterdam) / ‘multiple arms’ 2016 (cut and sewn for ‘Club Solo') /