‘orante’ 1995
wood, about 1m 30 high
blindfold posture exposing a twofold sex
here in the solo ‘un cache-cache vain’ at Galerie Riekje Swart Amsterdam 1995
photo by Tom Haartsen
later a.o. exhibited in ‘Karin Arink - States of Self’ 2008 (solo)
first model for ‘orante’ in linden wood, now in private collection:

in same solo: ‘recht/tense’ 1995 (plaster) / invite: ‘un cache-cache vain’ 1995 (photo)
other carrier works: ‘hangende’ 1995 (cotton) / ‘balling’ 1992 (ceramic) / ‘Daphne after the hunt’ 1995 (bronze) / ‘VerteerWezen 3 (reclining black)’ 2017 (papier mache) /