‘untitled Fig. 1 (knielende)’ 2011
clay (biscuit fired) with a layer of unfired terra sigilata
about 1m 30 high
kneeling posture come undone
made in Sundaymorning@EKWC (European Ceramic Workcentre)
here in the photo studio of Bob Goedewaage (who made the official photos for Hogeschool Rotterdam)

here after being installed in the Hogeschool Rotterdam location Rochussenstraat Rotterdam
(collection Hogeschool Rotterdam)

related carrier works: ‘balling’ 1992 (ceramic) / ‘hangende’ 1995 (cotton) / ‘Daphne after the hunt’ 1995 (bronze) / ‘orante’ 1995 (wood) / ‘Fig. 2 Twist in my sobriety’ 2011 (clay with terra sigilata) / ‘VerteerWezen 3 (reclining black)’ 2017 (papier mache) /