‘recht/tense’ 1995
plaster, about 2m50 long
stretched out along the plinth
reaching two-ness
exhibited for the first time in my solo (via Tanya Rumpff) at Galerie Riekje Swart Amsterdam,
titled (and invite image) ‘un cache cache vain’ 1995
now on show in room 10. ‘Controle en Loslaten’ in ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS, Rijksmuseum Twenthe 2018-2021
other stretched out work: ‘on&on&on&on’ 1996 (porcelain fragments) / ‘H-dress’ 2001 / ‘reikende’ 1997 (plaster) /
contemporary work: ‘orante’ 1995 (carved wood) / ‘hangende’ 1995 (textile) / ‘2 pieces for Infections’ 1995 (plaster) /