‘Mumbag Karyatide (for the Portable Museum)’ 2003 - 2009
two-faced cut photos
twice the same photo,
cut in different ways:
one side leaving a karyatide figure
one side showing the messy house interior
including my baby in her pen
looking at…

left: first version 86 x 48 cm made to hang in The Portable Museum, a work by Niek Kemps,: presented in the CBK Dordrecht in fall 2003
right: large version 215 x 112 in Galerie Tanya Pumpff Haarlem january 2010

other mumbag work: ‘hiding behind milk’ 2001 (cut photo) / ‘push mmm’ 2004 (drawing) /

other photo work: ‘Anakoloet’ 2003 / ‘Inlet Woman’ 2003 / ‘Hiding behind Milk’ 2006 / ‘behind transparan-she’ 2016 /