‘hiding behind milk’ 2001
my body exposed to feed you…
cut photo about 2m90x1m80
collection Museum Arnhem

here in the solo ‘MUMBAG leven in de zoogdieromhelzing
2002 (life in the mammalian embrace) at Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem NL
later also exhibited in the duo ‘Kleider machen Kunst’ in Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen 2011

a smaller version is for sale as multiple in the box made for my 2013 solo ‘Kooi Käfig’ at K' strich Bremen

other mumbag work: ‘MADRAS’ 2004 / ‘Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions’ 2006 / ‘Mother of a Daughter’ 2013 /

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