‘The Blind Leading The Blind’ 2005
solo presentation in reaction on my predecessor’s work in LOKAAL01 Antwerp, B
on invitation by Peter Buggenhout
again an installation with washing lines
with several works in varying states of development,
visitors looking around
detail with a photo of me photographing in the center

pieces on show in this solo: ‘H-dress’ 2001 (textile) / ‘cut blue dress’ 1999 (textile, here unfinished) / ‘mumbag karyatide’ 2003 (cut photo double-sided) / ‘felt shelter’ 1999-2001 / ‘Outlet’ 1997 /

other exhibitions where I have used washing lines: ‘bed satin tangle (for Peyron)’ 2006 / ‘Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions’ 2006 / ‘Bazar des Facades solo / ‘stofdoekencarroussel’ 2005 / ‘Karin Arink - States of Self’ 2008 / ‘solo at Club Solo’ 2016 /