‘CutDressCutPhoto (green)’ 1999
cut photo about 1m50x1m00
photo taken by you, Rita Canarezza
in CCA Kitakyushu, Japan during my residency there 1998-1999, thanks to Fonds BKVB (now Mondriaanfonds) Amsterdam
the photo hangs in space, here the reverse:

edition of 5, a.o. in private collections and in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
for instance on show there during my solo ‘Karin Arink - States of Self’ 2008

related face facade work: ‘CutDressCutPhoto (Purple)’ 2000 (cut photo) / ‘Hiding behind Milk’ 2002 / ‘wearing H-dress to wooo you’ 2001 / ‘Bazar des Facades’ as exhibited in Club Solo 2016 / ‘BlueDress CutPhoto’ 2019 (cut photo) / ‘Denkraum’ 2019 (cut Photo) / ‘GreenDressFun’ 2019-2023 /