‘Daphne after the hunt’ 1995-1996
bronze, about 2m30 high

  • push up pull down -
    here in front of Langeveld, a psychiatiric clinic Langeveld in Noordwijkerhout, NL
    commissioned in 1993 by the Prins Bernhard Fonds Amsterdam
    presently in the sculpture garden of the Lakenhal, Leiden NL
    also exhibited in ‘De Paleistuin’, Lange Voorhout Den Haag 2005
    and in the 2009 exhibition ‘Daphne, Mythos und Metamorphose’ in the Gerhard Marks Haus Bremen:

other carrier works: ‘orante’ 1995 (wood) / ‘balling’ 1992 (clay) / ‘reikende’ 1997 (plaster) /

a limiting work: ‘tot hier’ 1993-2003 (drawing)
a reaching work: ‘up!’ 2001 (animation) /