‘w/hole (shield)’ 2002
cut pleather, 2-sided: bronze/black
presented in the window of Galerie Tanya Rumpff Haarlem
now in private collection

a peeping hole for you, the spectator
one hole for you, my little ones
one hole for you, my love
for the solo ‘MUMBAG! leven in de zoogdieromhelzing’ 2002 (MUMBAG! life in the mammalian embrace)
in the window cases alongside of it, to the left:
navel in the mirror’ 2001 (photo), and to
the right: ‘slit’ 1998/2002 (digital print)

related work: ‘wearing X-pand to hold you’ 2002 / ‘YouInsideOfMeInsideOfYou’ 2007 (cut vinyl&carpet) /

other mumbag works: ‘expand’ 2001/2002 (animation) / ‘claiming space for feeding you’ 2001 / ‘Inlet Woman’ 2003 (cut&sewn photo) / ‘MADRAS’ 2004 (textile) / ‘Manifold Mumbag and fragments of the white visions’ 2006 (installation) / ‘PoortVrouw’ 2007 (cut vinyl) /