‘wearing her face’ 1990
‘pierrot’ mask, lined with felt, metal hook
placed head-high on the wall
opened for you, the spectator, to put your in your face - in your imagination
one of my bachelor graduation works at the academy of Rotterdam (now Willem de Kooning Academy) in 1990

the title is based on the line of The Beatles' song Eleonor Rigby: “wearing her face / that she keeps / in a jar by the door / who is it for?”
the question possibly answered by my subsequent work ‘for no one’ 1990

other face facade work: ‘un cache-cache vain’ 1995 (photo)/ ‘stonelips’ 2012 (photo) / ‘Hiding behind the Flow’ 2014 (photo) /

other WdKA academy graduation work: ‘soliciting’ 1990 (text on blouse) / ‘Frog and Princess’ 1990 (drawings)/ ‘Moedervlek Vaderland’ 1989 (large watercolour drawing) / ‘for noone’ 1990 /