‘We Are Free’ (working title) 2010- ongoing
photo by F-werk Rotterdam
text work in table form 8 columns, 8 rows, not all finished as yet…
first parts published as notes on Facebook
first rows printed as banner about 6m x 1m45 cm
made for my solo in Club Solo 2016 as shown above

exhibited in 2019 in the group show CO/LAB in Torrance Art Museum LA, where 8 Rotterdam-based and 8 LA-based artist initiatives collaborated together, with this work as my contribution to foundation B.a.d’s presentation in collab with Durden&Ray:

photo made by Koes Staassen during installing and posted on instagram

related text works: ‘tangle’ 2004 / ‘OPLOSRAAK’ 2005 / ‘IN/DIFFERENCE’ 2001-2006 / ‘WE EXIST IN DIFFERENCE…’ (text on foil) 2014 / ‘EssayField’ 2014 (text/research for my MEiA) /