‘Transformer Woman’ 2003/2004
multiple, about A4 size, of me
wearing Transformer:
cut and sewn photo, about 1m80 x 1m05 x 0m35
the halves folded open towards you, the spectator

also exhibited projected lifesize in room 5 of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam during my retrospective there in 2008

works of the same photo material: ‘Anakoloet’ 2003 (cut and sewn photo) / ‘Inlet Woman’ 2003 (cut and sewn photo) / ‘PuzzelVrouw (for Duchenne project))’ 2006 (multiple) / ‘PuzzelVrouwenSpel’ 2006-2021 (installation) /

other face facade works: ‘one-piece at home’ 1997 / cutdresscutphoto (purple)' 2000 / ‘behind skins & stones’ 2019 / ‘PuzzelVrouwenSpel’ 2006-2021 /