Shall I spoil the white by telling you that the snow blizzard suddenly showed quick-moving bright patches, growing larger and larger and finally converging on them, highlighting the snow lashing out around? Shall I reveal how Special Forces troopers descended from the Army ‘Chopper, saluted David, and then set about carefully tying Irene on a carrier and lifting her into the growling interior of the ‘Chopper before letting down a snaking ladder for David? How, once they had closed the doors, the Squat Commander turned to them and said: “Captain, Miss Delwin. The First President-Elect, Mr. Delaware, requests your presence. But,” casting a look at Irene, “let’s first pass by the Hospital?” and David had asked: “But, How? How did you find us?” and he had answered: “There was a white spot, blinking with a Mayday signal on our radarSight, Sir. Did you somehow radio us?” and David answered: “No…” while Irene, between the first contractions that shook her lower back, whispered: “Hail STATE… Trust in STATE. Hail the white…"