PuzzelVrouwenSpel 2006-2021

PuzzelVrouw’ is multiple A4 made for the Duchenne project initiated by Reinoud van Vugt
multiples sold via my gallery Galerie Tanya Rumpff during my solo ‘IN/DIFFERENCE’ 2006
also part of a box with a set of A4 multiples, bought a.o. by De Pont Tilburg

this multiple was re-made in 2020 in to this ‘double’ multiple version
sold oa via RAM/GalleryViewer to 2 private collectors:

For Nightshift, an exhibition in empty shop windows in Heerlen (planned in 2020 but postponed to summer 2021 due to COVID) in dialogue with Renée Kool
I made this installation, using the two 2006 (?) lifesize versions of PuzzelVrouwen, as well as 2 A4 multiple versions on the overhead projector, here another view, from inside:

the same photo (also lifesize) was also used for the works ‘Anakoloet’ 2003 / ‘Inlet Woman’ 2003 (cut and sewn photo) / ‘Transformer Woman’ 2003 / PuzzelVrouwen' 2006 (multiple for the Duchenne project) /

other installation works: ‘inner space’ 1996 (porcelain fragments) / ‘wooo! confusion’ 2002 (animation installation) / ‘Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions’ 2006 (for projectroom of De Pont Tilburg) / ‘fragmented body double’ 2014 (for Nederlands Textielmuseum Tilburg) /