'MADRAS' 2004
synthetic satin and skai, stuffed
about 2m70 x 1m60 x 0m60
a mammalian matrass
providing space for you
here in the exhibition 'Over de mensen en de dingen' Z33 Hasselt B 2005,
another textile work in the same exhibition: 'stofdoekencarroussel' 2005 (cut and sewn dusters)
'MADRAS' is now in the collection of Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

related work: 'wearing X-pand to hold you' 2002 (photo) / 'omklamping' 2004 (drawing) / 'server' 2004 (stuffed textile) / 'Manifold Mumbag & fragments of the white visions' 2006 / 'Mother of a Daughter' 2013 / 'Re: Bazar des Facades' 2016 /