75 x 45 x 3 cm in acid-free cardboard box
collection of 3 photo works and 1 text work
for sale via

CutDressCutPhoto (purple)’ 2000 / ‘hiding behind milk’ 2001 / and ‘felt shelter torn
printed smaller (max 75cm high) and laminated each one differently, such as here ‘hiding behind milk’ 2001:

and Dutch text workhier’ 1994, translated into German, and “misprinted” on transparant paper

made for my solo ‘Kooi/Käfig’ 2013
in K’strich Raum Aktuelle Kunst Bremen D

related small works & multiples: ‘geraakte’ 2010 (cut iridescent paper) / ‘touch-open up’ 2015 (flag) / ‘Glitter Cut series’ 2015 (series of cut-outs of Xmas foil for solo at RAM Galerie, Art Rotterdam) / ‘HandHeld]’ 2017 (cut prints of scans) /