‘Kooi/Käfig’ 2013
solo in K’strich Raum Aktuelle Kunst Bremen D
with, left to right, ‘omloop’ 1998 (silk and metal), untitled (DIVIDED) 2013 (cut trousers), ‘KleidKäfig’ 2013,

the photo ‘wearing X-pand to hold you’ 2002 and ‘8’ 1997 (synthetic textile)

and on the other side a.o. ‘PoortVrouw’ 2009 / ‘infante bleue’ 2009 / untitled (hemd)' 2011
all signs of body-as-spaces…

to accompany this solo, the edition ‘Kooi/Käfig’ was made, with smaller versions of photo works and the text work ‘hier’ 1994-2013 (Dutch version translated in German)

related work: ‘kooi’ 1997 / ‘X-pose (your self to me)’ 2001 (textile and wood), ‘Toeschouwer I’ 2008 (satin) /

other solo exhibitions: ‘Manifold Mumbag’ 2006 (satin) / ‘Kleider Machen Kunst’ 2011 (duo exhibition in Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen, which led to this solo) / ‘States of Self’ solo 2008 / ‘All attitudes, all shapeliness, all the belongings’ 2014 solo / ‘Club Solo’ in Club Solo 2016 /