‘in solitude’ 1999-2000

text incorporating fragments of songtexts

written on the plane on my way to a one-year stay in Japan

later version in spoken/improvised audio,

layered and in an infinite loop

a.o. exhibited in my solo ‘IN/DIFFERENCE’ in 2000 and in ‘Karin Arink - States of Self’ 2008

and in 1999 I made this stop-motion animation with part of this text:

other text works: ‘bidonville’ 1997 / ‘hier lig ik’ 1994 / ‘EssayField’ 2014 /

other solitude works: ‘nachtmare’ 1992 (textile) / ‘in stilte geknoopt’ 1992 (textile, metal stand) / ‘shield II’ 2011 (porcelain) / ‘Fig. 2 Twist in my sobriety’ 2011 (clay and terra sigilatas) /