Glitter Cut series of 6 hand-cut multiples 2015
cut x-mas glitter plastic, each about 30 x 20 cm
here in my studio, just before moving them to my solo booth of Galerie RAM Rotterdam in the Art Rotterdam art fair 2015
for this solo I made 2 series of cut multiples, the Glitter Cut series was almost completely sold out, as this one installed in the art fair:

main installation in this solo: ‘Misamee’ 2015
related work: ‘SplitWoman’ 2009 (watercolour/print commissioned by Museum Boijmans Rotterdam) /
other ‘claiming space’ works: ‘PoortVrouw’ 2006 / ‘geraakte’ 2010 (cut iridescent paper) / ‘touch-open up’ 2015 (flag) /