2021 ‘PuzzelVrouwenSpel (Dubbel)’ installation with photography and light, made for one of the empty shop windows (Akerstraat 15) during Cultura Nova festival in Heerlen, on invitations of RTSMD / Grey Light Projects, curated by Laurent Malherbe. Project started in collaboration with Renée Kool, was postponed due to COVID from December 2020 to summer 2021. TRhen, Renée and me each made our own installation, both of us helping out the other.

2017 ‘HandHeld’ (series of hand-cut inkjet prints of scans of my arm) for RAM gallery during Art Rotterdam

2016 ‘as yet untitled (multiple arms)’ multiple for Club Solo, sold during my solo there\

2014-2015 ‘fragmented body double
Collectieopdracht Mondriaanfoundation for Nederlands Textielmuseum Tilburg, making use of their laser cut machine (first time for me) I made this fragmented textile piece, now in their collection

2009 ‘SplitWoman
lithos from waterclour drawing, made for Kunst4Kids project in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam

2006 ‘PuzzelVrouwen
hand-cut A4 inkjet prints, for the Duchenne project, on invitation of Reinoud van Vugt (box in the collection of Stichting De Pont Tilburg, etc.)

2005 JMOIUJ - tekens tussen jou en mij' 2005 project for ‘Magazijn van de Verbeelding’ in CODA museum Apeldoorn

2003 ‘X-stance
for the fundraising exhibition ‘Small works’ at RAM foundation Rotterdam NL
2 A4 photos cut and stuck into each other to open up the image > later (larger and horizontal) version ‘X-stance’ 2008

2003 ‘mumbag karyatide
for the Portable Museum, a work by Niek Kemps at his solo ‘Cross Eyes’ in the CBK Dordrecht NL

2003 ‘Anakoloet
for the series of Beeldspoor, Rotterdams Schouwburg
every year, the Rotterdam Municipal Theatre commissions 4 artist to make a work
on one of the aluminium plates above the stairs leading to the theatre
i made ‘Anakoloet’ 2 bodies cut out of ( a photo of) my own body, sewn together to form a disjointed ‘whole’

2002 ‘X-pand at home
multiple for the art magazine Kastalia, photo about A3 size

2002 Platland-Nieuw Charlois > collaboration
Programme of 8 workshops for children age 6-12 from the neighbourhood of Charlois, commissioned by Charlois' Welzijn, Rotterdam, NL.
Every workshop, a different aspect of the concept: ‘a place of your own’ resulted in a different element in a specific technique. After the workshop, the elements were transformed into another dimension. These elements together construed the imaginary new neighbourhood: Platland_Nieuw Charlois.
Collaboration with 4 members of Foundation B.a.d: Jitka Andrea, Bibo, and Kamiel Verschuren.

2002 ‘I (expose), I+I (you & me), I+I+I (MUMBAG!)
project for the three staircases of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, commissioned by Nicole Theeuwes:
consisting of a textile piece (‘X-pose’ 2001), a cut foil piece on a partitioned window ('between' 2002) and a projected animation (‘MUMBAG! expand’ 2001/2002)

2002 ‘jij en ik (duet for you and me)’ > Text
textwork for the catalog ‘Talking to you(th), commissioned by Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam,
in the same catalog a reproduction of ‘verstrengelden’ 1994 and the photowork made in collaboration with A. Nibbering: ‘alles is in orde’ 1995

2001 ‘Bump!’ 2001
reactive work to access 21 animations, made in collaboration with Arthur Clemens.
Made in commission for Revalidatiecentrum De Vogellanden, Zwolle. Commission coached by SKOR, Amsterdam > list: reactive work

2000 ‘bodymap inlet’ tapestry for the Dutch Textile Museum Tilburg,
design leaving open the bare material, using the pure wool strands to shape a relief

2000 Kastalia nr. 3, “ik besta daar waar jij mij aanraakt” text + artists’ pages > cv publications

2000 design frontpage of Opmaat (dd 6 januari 2000) (cultural agenda of De Volkskrant), reproduced in the book ‘41 x OPMAAT’, published by De Volkskrant > cv publications

1999 DECORUM, tijdschrift voor kunst en cultuur, no 2. Transit (artists on the move), “Ijs met de smaak van groene thee, een verslag van een Nederlandse kunstenaar in Japan” text reflecting on my one-year stay in Japan > cv publications

1997 untitled: folded watercolour drawings, for the Duchenne project, on invitatien of Reinoud van Vugt

1996 ‘push up pull down - Daphne after the hunt
bronze made for the psychiatric clinic Langeveld in Noordwijkerhout NL, commissioned in 1993 by the Prins Bernhard Fonds Amsterdam
presently in the sculpture garden of the Lakenhal, Leiden NL

1996 drawing for CBK Rotterdam, around the theme ‘De eerste mens(en)’ 70 x 100 cm (fee was 1.000 guilders!)

1995 2 pieces for the exhibition ‘Infections’,
physical presences infecting Park Wolfslaar in Breda NL, on invitation by fundament Tilburg based foundation curating site-specific art projects