ground floor room of my solo in Club Solo Breda, 2016
with, left to right, the slide show installation 'server serving' 2005-2016 with a glimpse of 'server' 2006,
in the middle 'Bazar des Façades' photo on canvas, cut open
with on the second floor of the solo, the work made with this one: 'RE: Bazar des Façades' 2016
on this ground floor, on the floor on the right, 'DoubleArms' 2016, and in the back on the wall, the 'multiple arms' made especially for this solo
also in this solo, on the top floor:

photos by F-werk

with a.o. 'Misamee' 2015 / 'FrothWoman' 2016 / 'CirkelVrouw in CirkelVeld' / 'for noone' 1990 / 'CutDressCutPhoto (green)' 1999 / 'WeAreFree' 2016 / 'HALLO' 2016 (site-specific installation for windows of Club Solo) / 'multiple arms' (multiple) /

other solos: 'Manifold Mumbag' 2006 (satin) / 'Kleider Machen Kunst' duo exhibition in Gerhard Marcks Haus Bremen 2011 / 'States of Self' solo 2008 / 'Kooi/Käfig' 2013 in K'strich Bremen / 'All attitudes, all shapeliness, all the belongings' 2014 solo / > cv