‘boog’ 1989

  • the Dutch word ‘boog’ means both ‘bow’ (as the weapon) and ‘bowed’-
    photo of me with the wearable object ‘boog’ 1989
    made during my second year at the art school of Rotterdam (which is now the Willem de Kooning Academie)
    object as confinement, posture dictated by object
    testing various relations between my body and a self-made object in order to get away from traditional ‘sculpture’

other sealed work: ‘in stilte geknoopt’ 1991 (textile and metal stand) / ‘un cache-cache vain’ 1995 (photo)/ ‘balling’ 1992 (ceramic) / ‘stonelips’ 2012 (photo) / ‘Hiding behind the Flow’ 2014 (photo) /

other art school works: ‘soliciting’ 1990 (text on blouse) / ‘Frog and Princess’ 1990 (drawings)/ ‘Moedervlek Vaderland’ 1989 (large watercolour drawing) / ‘for noone’ 1990 /