Living in a bidonville of noise
engulfed by multi-layered data hissing in the night:
soothing rubber on asphalt, pricking rain, the red hot fictions
the swooshing hips, the assessing glances, the swamps full colourful events…

Breathing in the clamouring wires the currents and cross-currents,
suspended in a skintight cocoon,
tubes protruding and entering, penetrating beneath my surface.

Flickering electrons tickle
my nerves fire, inducing more currents and cross-currents
that by interference create slow evolving patterns
moving across my retina like car lights through a room.

I am shielded by
this numbing rubber, my silent indifference, a sleepless quiet
trying to make out figurines amidst the chaos, pretty pictures & diagrams
reflecting the simplicity of my complexion; the ever-changing titillations
castrated into an 8.

Multiple impulses flatter my brains & woo my senses
inhaling drums and spiky bells and throat throbbing bass
that egg on my muscles, now twitching in a rapture of sweat
my body hot and vibrant, shaking.

Longing bodies in body-size cells, just big enough for movement
jerky & jumpy & pushy & sensual, soliciting and retreating;
endearing facades.
The bass in my bowels, sweat wets my forehead and stings my eyes;


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