For the outside exhibition ‘Een moment, nu: mo(nu)ment’ took place from 9. September to 8. October 2017.
I curated this Arte Concordia, on request of Olphaert den Otter and Cora Moret.

This exhibition was the 3rd Arte Concordia held in the Rotterdam street Avenue Concordia. This street is a protected cityscape, a monument. The word “monument” evokes stately sculptures in public space and beautifully decorated buildings: memorial signs that refer to a venerated (but often now problematic) past. At the same time, in the Dutch word, the concepts “nu” (now) and “moment” hide: monuments refer to specific moments, to (political) events in time.
During the weekends there were guided tours and passers-by could unexpectedly experience special performances and other acts. The exhibition was visited by both art professionbals, residents, children from a local first grade school and art school students.

In addition to the 13 site specific art works, 38 artist flags, specially made for this edition, were flying on the buildings on the Avenue. At previous versions of Arte Concordia, also artist flags had been produced and presented. I selected many up-and-coming young artists, artists living on the Avenue, mid-career artists like me, and I also selected works from artists from Galerie Herenplaats to be printed as flags.

Most flags addressed the topic of the title ‘Een moment, nu: Mo(nu)ment’ in various ways:

Olphaert den Otter
Ronald de Bloeme
Jeroen Jongeleen
Marijke Groeneveld
Josephine Baan
Justin Wijers
Sue van Geijn
Milos Trakilovic
Csilla Klényanski
Agnes Momirski
Koes Staassen
Marijke Appelman
Laurien Dumbar
Maarten Wendig
Zia Smets
Sandim Mendes
Christie van der Haak
Barbara Helmer
Lisa Gliederpuppe
Thea van Doorn
Lisa Couwenbergh
Marilou Klapwijk
Miko Veldkamp
Iris Schuttevaar / Schutgevaar
Selma Hengeveld
Mette Sterre
Diana Roig
Antoine Monod de Froideville
Koen Taselaar
Jason Coburn
Benjamin Li
Inge Aanstoot
Cora Moret
Lisette Schumacher
Richard van Klooster

During the exhibition ‘Een moment, nu: Mo(nu)ment 2017, the flags were also flying in the Flag Parade in the center of the city.

with in the center, Black Lives Matter by Peter Koole

other exhibitions curated by me: ‘WITHINSIGHTS’ 1994 / ‘ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS’ 2018 /