‘All attitudes, all shapeliness, all the belongings’ (Walt Whitman I Sing The Body Electric)
my solo in the Main Room 2014
coinciding with a group show of the same title, with a.o. Johan Tahon, Otto Egbert, Charlotte Schleiffert in RAM galerie Rotterdam

overview of the solo with in the center my ‘revolving in this sheath of (im)possibilities’ 2011 ceramic

on the right ‘FeltFeld’ 2013 and on the other wall ‘Hiding behind the Shine’ 2013 (cut foil) and on the floor: ‘On How to Star’ 2010-2014 (vinyl)

related exhibitions: ‘X-pose (your self to me)’ 2001 (textile and wood), ‘Toeschouwer I’ 2008 (satin) / ‘Manifold Mumbag’ 2006 (satin) / ‘States of Self’ 2008 / ‘Kleider Machen Kunst’ 2011 / ‘Kooi/Käfig’ 2013 solo in K' strich Bremen / ‘Club Solo’ 2016 / ‘ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS’ 2018-2021 /