‘AAN double cross’ 2020
2 life size photo prints on canvas, cut, and stitched together combined with a long textile dripping strip
about 180 x 175 x 80 cm
together forming a huge cross-like figure
the photos were of Julie Muller and me handling our textile pieces made during end of 2019 - early 2020
in collaboration for our project ‘AAN’ 2020 presented in Borgerstraat Open Studios during Art Rotterdam Februari 2020.

Julie and me were working from our left-over textiles, in Dutch ‘lappenkast’ materials:
partially left-overs from both of our works, partially textiles that had belonged to our mothers and had become redundant
for this work, I combined the ‘AAN’ photos with a piece of left-over textile (from my mother’s collection)

here ‘AAN double cross’ 2020 as presented during the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend of 2020.

since 2017 I have more consciously been using a method of re-using, rethinking and combining all my art works, which started with the series ‘VerteerWezens’ and which now is expanding as a methods in all my work

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